26 Sep, 2017

The role of Cloud Computing in Critical Communications ecosystem has been bolded by this
year’s CC MENA in Dubai: MENA Cloud Alliance contributed to this great event


26 Sep, 2017

TCCA represents organisations from all continents of the world, bringing together all those interested in the provision of wireless communications in a mission critical or business critical environment.
The Association promotes the use of open standards such as TETRA and LTE in increasing adoption by professional users for critical communications solutions in a growing number of market sectors worldwide.
The Association is driving the development of common global standards for critical broadband mobile communications, is a 3GPP Market Representation Partner and its members are actively contributingin 3GPP working groups.

An overbiew of MENACA’s presentation:

The role of cloud computing within the new communications ecosystem is emerging as a core element of our future systems; however, the culture and attitudes of some stakeholders — especially within government and the public safety agencies — may be a challenge. Robin Davis (chair of the TCCA Transportation Working Group) gave an excellent presentation on the basics of how the cloud can provide significant financial benefits, as well as enhancing the efficiency and resilience of our future communications ecosystem. This presentation was further enhanced by Omid Mahboubi of the MENA Cloud Alliance, who has developed a cloud computing index to evaluate the maturity of cloud computing capability within the MENA region. This type of research will help decision-makers understand the potential challenges in using cloud computing to support the digital transformation of services. A copy of this report can be found at MENACA Cloud Competitiveness Index

It would be interesting to see the results of a similar evaluation of the status of cloud computing in Australia and the Oceania region. The move away from the traditional ICT approach of using propriety agency-based servers, towards a more federated data model within the cloud, is likely to be a major change management issue — some ICT departments within agencies will see this as a key threat to their power base and influence. Strong leadership will be needed if we hope to transition to the cloud and realise the significant potential that is before us.

By Ged Griffin, Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety, University of Melbourne
Monday, 16 October, 2017

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