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MENACA membership offers a unique opportuntiy for industry thought leaders to contribute to the growth of the market, gain insights into the ever-changing technology landscape and receive regional and even global exposure. As the true voice of the industry, we welcome all stakeholders to join us because we genuinly believe that YOU should be able to leverage the Alliance’s platform to tell your story. Joining is easy! Below, you can select the membership category that best fits the nature of your business and activities. If you are unsure about how to proceed, please email us at and our team will be in touch shortly.

Solution provider

The Middle East offers a tremendous opportunity for technology in general and cloud in specific. Taking full advantage of this market, however, requires a collective effort by major stakeholders to ready the infrastructure accommodating cloud computing. MENACA provides a unified voice to help tackle challenges that no one company - no matter the size - can do on their own. Join our elite lineup of members to set a direction for the marketplace and position yourself as a ...Read More

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Cloud is suffering from a world-wide shortage of subject-matter experts and the Middle East is no exception to this skill set gap. As cloud uptake increases, academia and training providers struggle to keep up with the needs of the industry. However, one effective way to stay relevant is to engage with the community. MENACA provides an unmatched engagement platform with the ecosystem making it not only an invaluable learning experience but also an opportunity to apply your knowledge to ... Read More

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